Choosing Jewellery that Suits Your Skin Undertone

Choosing Jewellery that Suits Your Skin Undertone

They say jewellery is the pathway to a girl’s heart. But did you know that certain colours of jewellery may suit you better than others? Just as in clothes and hair colour.

So how do you know which jewellery colour suits you best?

Skin undertone

Skin undertone is the subtle hue underneath the surface, it determines the coolness or warmness of your skin. This is not to be confused with skin tone which is the surface skin colour and it can range from fair, light, medium and dark.

Skin undertone is determined by the veins under your skin. This means you could be the same skin colour or complexion as somebody but have different skin tones.

If the veins appear purple or bluish, your skin undertone is cool. If they are greenish, your skin undertone is warm. However, some people may have a combination of blue and green, which makes their skin undertone neutral. This is a lucky batch because they can get away with wearing any colour of jewellery.

You can also test your skin undertone by holding a piece of gold jewellery and a silver piece beside your face while standing in front of a mirror and see the changes. If the silver piece makes your skin luminous or lights it up, your skin tone is most likely cool while gold gives a warm skin tone a fresh glow.

Importance of Knowing your Skin Undertone

Where jewellery is concerned, it’s crucial to know your skin undertone so you can choose the right colours for you.

Jewellery are accessories worn right next to your skin, and they are meant to bring out the pop in your skin and your outfit. If the piece doesn’t go well with your skin undertone, it tends to stand out like a sore thumb instead of bringing out your beauty. 

Jewellery for the right skin undertone:

Light metals, for example, silver, platinum, and white gold would suit a cooler skin undertones.

On the other hand, you may want a yellowish jewellery like yellow gold, rose gold, and copper on a warm skin tone because they bring out the glow. That said, people with warm skin tone can pull off light metals if they wear them with the right outfits.


How about gemstones?

Bright, vibrant colours like blues, luminous green, and violet stones pop against cooler skin tones. For warmer skin tone, choose earthy-coloured gemstones like orange, yellow, deep reds, and champagne. These colours compliment the warm tone because of the yellow in them.

Of course, you should make sure the gemstones go with the right metal colour for your skin undertone to get a perfect match.