EAR PIERCING Aftercare instructions - During the healing period

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    Never touch your ears with unclean hands.
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    Wash your newly pierced ears (on both sides) thoroughly twice a day. 
    Do not remove the earrings when cleansing:
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    When showering/washing your hair, use liquid soap and rinse thoroughly  with clean running water. Dry with a Kleenex or Q-tip.
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    Supplementary cleansing is done with Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin. The swabs make it possible to clean between your ears and the earrings/earring backs. Allow to air dry. Use a new cleansing swab for each ear, each time. Note! Do not clean with alcohol.
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    Make sure that the area around the holes are kept clean, dry and airy at all times.
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    Cover your ears when applying makeup, hair spray, spray perfume, hair dye, etc.
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    Take extra care when you are putting on/pulling off clothing over your head, in order to prevent the earrings from getting caught.
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    Bathing in a swimming pool, lake or sea: wait for as long as possible after the Blomdahl ear piercing and avoid keeping your head underwater. When you come out of the water, cleanse with liquid soap or with Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs – see point 2 above.
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    After approx. 6 weeks (cartilage approx. 12 weeks) you can change to new earrings. This is how to remove the ear piercing earrings: wash your hands and  ears thoroughly. With one hand, take hold of the jewellery part (front) of the ear piercing earring. With the other hand, wriggle the earring back, back and forth, until you feel it loosens. Carefully remove the ear piercing earrings and put in new, clean earrings.
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     It takes up to a year before the holes are completely healed after medical ear piercing. Hence consider the following:
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    Always wear earrings. If you take them out, the holes can shrink and/or close completely.
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    Take extra care when changing earrings. The skin that has grown within the holes is still thin and delicate and can easily tear, which may cause an infection. Therefore, always make sure to wash your earrings and your hands before the change, and make sure that the area around the holes is kept clean, dry and airy. If you use earrings with earring backs, these should not be pressed tightly against the back of the ear.
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    The risk of developing a contact allergy is at its greatest during the first year after ear piercing. This is why it is extra important to wear safe earrings during this time.  In consultation with skin specialists, Blomdahl has developed skin friendly jewellery suitable for everybody and especially for those who have just pierced their ears.
In some rare cases, redness/swelling/pain/rashes are indicative of a possible infection. If the hole is placed in the soft part of the ear (ear lobe), remove the earring and cleanse. If there is no improvement the following day, contact your doctor. If the hole is placed in the cartilage part of the ear, remove the earring, cleanse and seek immediate medical attention.