Blomdahl offers an array of skin-safe, hypoallergenic nose jewellery, made in Sweden. We create nose ring jewellery from gold and silver titanium to be sure that your skin comes into direct contact with safe materials. Unfortunately, allergies to metals used for the fabrication of jewellery are quite common, and many people are unable to wear some of the beautiful pieces they received as a gift. 

At Blomdahl, you can purchase hypoallergenic nose rings, for yourself or as a present, and be one hundred per cent certain that the skin will not develop an allergic reaction. Each one of the pieces from our selection is made from carefully selected medical grade titanium, developed in consultation with skin specialists. As such, you can be sure that it is suitable even for people with the most sensitive skin type. 

But we strive to go beyond creating nose jewellery that is safe. We know that, when it comes to such a prominent piece, our customers are looking for a statement nose ring that will match their unique character and blend with their personal style. For this reason, we made sure that our selection of hypoallergenic nose rings is diverse and offers a bit of something for everyone. 

By browsing through our selection, you will see that it includes gold and silver nose rings, decorated with different shapes - from a star, bezel, to a ball-shaped piece of nose jewellery - we have it all. Some items from our collection include subtle yet beautiful Swarowski crystals that can accompany you on more formal occasions. 

But that’s not all - you can also safely pierce your nose, thanks to our ISO-accredited medical ear and nose piercing system, designed to offer utmost safety regardless of your age or skin type.  

Order a piece of nose jewellery from Blomdahl today and worry not about the consequences because - there won’t be any!

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