Fast Fashion Jewellery: A Fine Line Between Ethical vs. Practical

Have you ever wondered where that stunning, shiny diamond on your ring is sourced? Or how your earrings, bracelets, or necklaces are made? This is hardly the first thought that comes to mind when purchasing jewellery. However, it should be a significant concern to us since most of these pieces make up what is termed as fast fashion jewellery- trendy, cheap and short-lived.

We look at the fine line between ethical vs practical jewellery manufacture practices.

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How to Know If my Piercing is Healed?

You have been following the cleaning routine of your piercing holes religiously. You can’t wait to finally wear those gold loops that make you feel like Beyoncé. But you know you shouldn’t remove the initial earrings until the piercing is healed.

But how do you know the piercing is healed?

In this post, we cover the healing process of a piercing and signs that it is healed.

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Is Gold a Safe Metal for Sensitive Ears?

Are your ears itchy despite wearing a pair of golden earrings? A jewellery lover's worst nightmare is realising that their favourite earrings always make their ears red and sore. If you fall into this category, shopping for a cute pair of earrings that match your outfit can be daunting. Knowing what to look for on a piece of gold jewellery can be half the battle.

Here is a buying guide of what to look for when shopping for a golden pair of earrings.

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Can I swim after ears pierced?

Just had your ears pierced and the sunny weather is just so tempting to go for a refreshing splash at the beach or pool. But is it safe and/or healthy for your new piercing?

A piercing is equivalent to a small wound on the body and should be taken care of appropriately to prevent other health problems. When you don’t take care of a new piercing, that small wound can turn into a big one and cause pain throughout the area. However, you are free to live life as usual as long as you maintain your care routine for your new piercing.

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Piercing 101 : Best and Worst Metal for Ear and Nose Piercing

Piercings are stylish and chic but need to be done with the highest quality metal to avoid inflammation due to skin irritation. Several metals are classified as safe for body piercing and others aren’t. It is important to pay close attention to what you put on your body as the wrong type of metal can stall the body’s healing process or cause an allergic reaction.

In this post, we discuss the best and worst metals for ear and nose piercings so you can make an informed decision.

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How often should I clean my earrings?

It’s probably been a while since you pierced your ears. Not only can you change earrings as many times as you want, but you also do not have to bother with cleaning anymore, right? Not quite! 

Click here for our guide on how and when to clean your earrings and you’re well on your way to a healthy, infection-free jewellery wearing regime!

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When Should Ears Get Pierced?

Have you seen all the people with their ears pierced? From babies to grannies and teen boys.Ear piercings are aesthetic enhancements that have been around for centuries. That's because they are an easy way to enhance one's beauty.

But, what is the appropriate age to have piercings done?

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Double ear piercing with Blomdahl
Getting your ears pierced is a sensitive process. You want the process to be hygienic, bearable, and safe. If you are searching for the most ideal and hygienic way to have your ears pierced, look no further than Blomdahl piercing.This article shows why Blomdahl piercing service is a great choice and how it stands apart from the rest. 
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