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Earing have been great for my daughter, no infection

MP Heart 6mm
Rebecca H

Perfect for my 7yr old finally changing out of her original pair from being pierced. Highly recommend!

Great service

Posted out quickly, Great quality. So glad these options exist for kids with very sensitive ears!

MP Daisy 5mm
T Harris

Beautiful earrings for my Daughter. Beautiful quality and design. Very happy!

These earrings look really lovely and give me no sensitivity. Very happy!

My daughter was so happy...

Ordered my daughter some earring for her formal. Wasn't sure if they would be suitable as her ears are extremely sensitive. We have tried every metal available and the only ones suitable are made from titanium. She was so happy that she got to wear 'pretty' earrings to her formal. She looked beautiful! Thanks for all your help.

MP Bezel 6mm
Jutta Peine

Perfect earrings for my grand daughter's sensitive ears.

The best!

These medical plastic earrings are just beautiful and are the only earrings my daughter can wear. They have brought so much happiness back into her life! Just love them.

Safety Ear Hook
Karen Lions
Just what I needed!

These didn't disappoint. I can now slip my other earrings on to these as I choose .

Great quality earrings

These earrings are fantastic quality, perfect for sensitive ears and beautiful.

Best earrings ever

These are the only earrings i can wear so happy I've found a solution ....

One of the earrings kept falling out, little thing at the back was too lose. We lost it eventually.

Perfect earrings

They look good and I haven't had any reaction to these earrings. It is so good to be able to wear earrings again!


I’ve struggled my whole life with allergies to even the most expensive earrings. Was super sceptical about the hype of these but one week later not a single reaction and they’re in permanently. Normally my ears would be raw within a day with an indent where the earrings sit but not a single mark or reaction. So impressed and even though I can’t wear the 2k diamond ones I have these bling in the light probably just a much and only I know they aren’t diamonds :)

Silver Bezel (3-6mm)
Marfin Gorail
Beautiful pieces

Love the pieces the company provides. I use their gun to pierce ears and it’s super easy. Love how easy they make the packaging to pierce peoples ears. Very cost effective.

MP Bezel 4mm

We had bought so many types of earrings and metals for my daughter’s allergy and blomdahl medical plastic has been the only earring she can tolerate!!! They also look really pretty!! I’m buying more!!

A must have fashion statement

I love my Blomdahl nose ring. They are so comfortable you don’t know you have them in. Also the bend in it ensures it doesn’t come out easily.
Try one you won’t be disappointed and will not want anything else.

MP Bezel 4mm
Danielle Bancroft

My daughter can’t wear any other earrings. These are perfect for her extremely sensitive ears. So happy

MP Flower 6mm
Silvana Geagea
Excellent Quality Earings

Excellent quality earings for sensitive ears. My daughter loves wearing them.

Happy, but they tangle in hair

My daughter has had constant infections in her ears since getting them pierced (despite regular cleanings with saline spray).

That's why we switched to these earrings, and hoping they help clear up the infection.

I was keen to get simple sleeper earrings as I felt the big flat backing on the sterling silver earrings they were pierced with simply held gunk behind her ear and right near the hole.

I myself wear sleepers, but they close completely flat (I can spin the entire thing around in my ear, there are no lumps/hooks.

Unfortunately with these sleepers, the hook is obviously heavier than the rest of the earring so they make their way down to the bottom (rather than staying behind her ear at the back).

Once they spin around, her hair gets constantly tangled in them which is frustrating for her and also concerns me regarding keeping them clean and infection free.

Overall, very happy with the quality and will be buying from Blomdahl again.

Good but Tricky to open/close

Definitely great for reactive skin but are quite hard to open and close.

At last!

At last I’ve found earrings I can wear after years of suffering reactions from all others. These are are my second pair and just perfect.

Beautiful and comfortable

I have a nickel sensitivity, so was very happy to find your products. I suspected that my daughter might have a similar sensitivity after she had both of her ears pierced in the second position, made the mistake of changing them too soon and misplacing the original stud, and having them become painful and reluctant to heal. I found these earrings online and ordered a pair for each of us. For me they are very comfortable. As soon as they arrived, my daughter switched to them too. Her earring holes began to improve very soon and they healed within days. We are very impressed with your products - safe, comfortable and very beautiful. Thank you so much.


Beautiful earrings. Looks good and easy to clean for young kids especially.

Love Them!

I received these earrings for Christmas. Absolutely love them. I have very sensitive ears when it comes to earrings and since wearing these I haven't had any problems.