A ring can be your most intimate piece of jewellery, but what can you do when your skin reacts badly to the metal-made gems? Easy - browse our selection and buy a ring online, worry-free! 

Blomdahl is everyone’s favourite manufacturer of hypoallergenic rings that strives towards creating high-quality and safe jewellery anyone can wear! 

That’s right - anyone! Even people who suffer from allergies to metal and have had bad reactions to rings they got online in the past. We are committed to proving that there is no need to “suffer for the sake of beauty” and we do it by smartly choosing the materials we use to create our jewellery lines. But not only are they safe to wear - our hypoallergenic rings are strong and resistant to bending and scratching, which means that you can wear the ring you get online every day, for years, and it will still look as beautiful as it did the first day. 

Hypoallergenic rings from our offer are made from natural and gold titanium, which makes them attractive, light and durable. They are designed with Swarowski crystals that give them a subtle yet effective shine. As such, the ring is suitable to be worn daily as well as on some more special occasions.  

Blomdahl hypoallergenic rings for sale are going to take your breath away. Each piece is designed in different shape and size so that you can discover the one that feels like it is made just for you. Still, all rings come with rounded inner surfaces for absolute comfort while the skin-friendly coating is applied to the outside of the ring. This means that your skin comes into contact only with medical titanium and not with the metals you might be allergic to. 

Buy a ring for yourself or as a gift today and know its shine will last a lifetime.

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