Have you developed an allergic reaction to the jewellery in the past and are afraid to wear anything ever again? Thanks to Blomdahl, you can put on a favourite pair of hypoallergenic gold earrings and strut down the street with confidence. 

Blomdahl Medical is your most dependable manufacturer of hypoallergenic gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All our earrings are made from skin-safe titanium and come in a clean pack so that they are stored in a completely hygienic environment until you open them yourself. 

But it is not just about creating skin-friendly jewellery - Blomdahl’s offer of hypoallergenic gold earrings includes different pendants and crystals in a range of colours and shapes. From little gold balls, stars, bezels, squares and hearts to discrete golden pins. We truly have it all, which makes us everyone’s go-to jeweller when they are looking to buy gold stud earrings, be it for themselves or as a present. 

We are especially proud of our hypoallergenic gold earrings brilliance collection which features pieces bedazzled with stunning Swarowski crystals. Regardless of the pair you choose, rest assured that it can be worn in any situation - from a weekend brunch to a formal dinner party. Our hypoallergenic gold earrings are designed subtly but effectively elevate your entire look.    

Haven’t even pierced your ears yet? Don’t worry - we’ve developed an ISO accredited medical ear piercing method that is one hundred per cent safe. All the equipment we use is taken out of sterile packaging and disposed of right afterwards so that we know the chances of getting an infection are minimal. Blomdahl invites you to find a Blomdahl ear piercing expert in your area who you can trust - for you and your family - to get the ear pierced. 

Once you get the ears pierced, browse our selection of gold earrings for sale online to find the ones that will match your every outfit.

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