Not sure whether a nose piercing can be paired with an elegant outfit? With Blomdahl pieces, anything is possible! Our unique selection consists of silver nose jewellery made from titanium and covered with silver coating. They come in different shapes and feature a variety of heads, designed to meet every customer’s unique taste. 

From star and ball-shaped to bezel silver titanium nose jewellery - we have them all so that you can put in your nose piercing for every occasion, even some more formal ones. In fact, pieces from our Brilliance collection that feature clear-cut, Swarowski crystals, are all-time favourites among people who want to elevate their overall look for a special event. 

And with Blomdahl, it is not just about wearing an attractive piece of silver nose jewellery. What sets us apart from everyone else is our devotion and insistence on designing skin-friendly jewellery that even people who struggle with allergies can wear all day, every day. Each one of the silver nose jewellery from our selection is made from hypoallergenic, nickel-free titanium that can be worn with confidence by people who have an extremely sensitive skin type. What is more, with titanium being resistant to bending and scratching, you can rest assured that by purchasing a piece from our selection, you are getting jewellery to wear for a lifetime. 

We also developed a completely safe medical nose piercing method that minimises pain and discomfort, optimising the healing period. This means that you can finally take this step and not worry about potential consequences because - there won’t be any!

Browse through our selection of silver nose jewellery to discover a piercing that perfectly describes your personality. And don’t stop there - take a look at our earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces and pair everything up to make a killer style combination! 

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