Whether you are purchasing a ring as a treat for yourself or you wish to gift it to a loved one, there’s no better place to browse for gold rings for sale than Blomdahl. Unlike some other jewellery manufacturers, we pay close attention to the materials we use to create our pieces because we know just how common nickel and cobalt allergies are. Our team closely collaborates with globally-recognised skincare experts to ensure the final outcome is completely safe for everyone and will not trigger the appearance of contact dermatitis. 

All our rings are made from titanium so that even people with highly sensitive skin can wear them at all times. In our selection of gold rings for sale, you will discover many ring sizes, ranging from 16mm up to 19mm, so make sure that you check your loved one’s ring size before you make a purchase. The choice of titanium also enables us to create an array of rings in different colours, which could not be achieved with other metals. 

Furthermore, we strive to offer a variety of ring heads for you to get the one that matches your personality. All our gold rings for sale are a part of a brilliance collection and are, as such, decorated with attractive clear-cut Swarowski crystals. This also means that if you purchase a ring you love, you can order a necklace, bracelet or earrings from the same collection, and pair them up for a special occasion.   

Order one of the gold titanium rings from Blomdahl and enrich your jewellery collection with a stunning hypoallergenic piece. Opt for our minimalistic, yet eye-catching design that can be easily combined with any outfit you plan on wearing - be it to a formal event or a morning walk in the park. Browse the selection now!

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