Have you found the perfect pair of earrings but your skin keeps reacting badly when you wear them? Unfortunately, nickel allergies are quite common, and the majority of jewellery is made from metals which contains it. But not here at Blomdahl! 

We are your most dependable manufacturer and everyone’s number one choice when they wish to get attractive silver or gold safety pin earrings that will not cause contact dermatitis. Why? Because we thought about the materials we choose for manufacture carefully. Over the years, we worked with skin specialists who advised us on the best material options. 

As a result, our selection currently includes safety pin earrings made from titanium and medical plastic, because the two proved to be the safest choice for all skin types - even the most sensitive ones. 

Thanks to us, you can make any earrings you possess skin-friendly! All you have to do is browse through our array of silver or gold safety pin earrings to find the ones you feel will best suit your pair. Then all you need to do is remove the hooks of your earrings and replace with ours. 

Luckily for you, Blomdahl made sure that our range is rich with options. You get to choose between safety pins, studs, and ear hooks, all which come in different shapes and sizes. 

All Blomdahl products arrive packed in a transparent Clean Pack bubble, designed to be a hygienic environment that will keep your earring safety pin protected and sterile until you open the package. 

Finally - a solution that will allow you to keep your favourite pair of earrings and wear them at all times! Browse Blomdahl silver and gold safety pin earrings collection to find the hook, pin or stud that will ideally replace the back of your earrings and allow you to wear them without worrying about developing an allergic reaction.

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