What makes Blomdahl piercing different to others?

Double ear piercing with Blomdahl

Getting your ears pierced is a sensitive process. You want the process to be hygienic, bearable, and safe. If you are searching for the most ideal and hygienic way to have your ears pierced, look no further than Blomdahl piercing. This article shows why Blomdahl piercing service is a great choice and how it stands apart from the rest. 

Differences between Blomdahl piercing and other regular piercings

  • Blomdahl’s instruments have evolved from the typical ear gun.

    The Blomdahl piercing instrument is not your average ear-piercing gun. The design change was inspired by a need to make the piercing process less intimidating and bearable. Since most studs are blunt, a lot of force is required to get them through the earlobe. However, with Blomdahl piercing instrument, it is less painful. 

    • It uses single-use disposable sterile cartridges (no touching involved)

      All the parts touch your skin are new, straight from the package, so you are assured it’s hygienic. The process is performed using sterile piercing earrings placed in sanitary holders, which are also disposable. All the parts that touch your skin are new, right from the package, and are discarded after use. 

      • The ‘lock and pierce’ feature allows for safe simultaneous piercing

      The device’s safety mechanism allows for several piercings to be done simultaneously, something other guns lack. This mechanism reduces the pain and time spent having multiple piercing done. If you want to get several ear piercings, then Blomdahl’s piercing instrument will get the work done fast. 

      • Blomdahl has ISO Health Accreditation for piercing manufacturers

      Piercing ears is a sensitive activity. If done wrong, a lot can go wrong since ear tissue is delicate and can easily get affected. With the multiple health complications that may arise with getting an ear-piercing, you should be very skeptical of the guns used for piercing. Blomdahl piercing instruments are ISO health accredited. This means that they have met all the quality standards, so your ear health is guaranteed. 

      • The materials used to make Blomdahl’s piercing jewelry are sterilized per ISO standards and are medical grade.

      Blomdahl is about your health and wellbeing. That is why the materials used to manufacture their jewelry are of the highest safety standard. With these products, you are assured that you will heal well after the piercing since there is a reduced chance of an allergic reaction. With Blomdahl, you are assured of quality, safe, stunning studs for all your piercing needs. 


      Ultimately, you want to look and feel good; that’s why you adorn yourself with jewelry. Blomdahl cares about your beauty that’s why they have invested in providing the best for you, caring for your health and wellbeing as much as they care for your beauty. The design of the Blomdahl piercing instrument dramatically reduces ear trauma that is common when using regular piercing guns. For the least painful and healthiest piercing process, go for Blomdahl.