Medical-grade plastic earrings represent the best choice for people with sensitive skin. Even if you believe you’ve tried everything and your skin had a terrible reaction to all pieces of jewellery you put on yourself before - give it another go with the best medical plastic earrings in Australia. 

The material was chosen after consulting with skin specialists so that we can recommend our jewellery with great confidence to children and adults with an extremely sensitive skin type. How is that possible? Because hypoallergenic plastic earrings are made from a medical plastic that is nickel-free and doesn’t contain any other metals that are known to cause contact dermatitis. 

Blomdahl also focuses on creating the most unique selection of medical plastic earrings in Australia. You can choose between a range of colours - from alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, Fuschia, golden rose, and violet to rainbow-coloured medical-grade plastic earrings. Some of our models also feature different shades of Swarowski crystals. As such, we managed to create a vast number of combinations so that you can discover a pair that will match both your casual and elegant outfits. 

Hypoallergenic plastic earrings are the smartest choice of jewellery you can make, for yourself and for your loved ones - especially your kids who are about to get their very first pair! Blomdahl medical-grade plastic earrings are made from a hardened version of the material that is commonly used in surgical sutures. They come packed in our specially-designed Clean Pack to make sure that they are stored in a clean and sterile environment until they reach you.

Choose Blomdahl when you decide to get medical plastic earrings in Australia. We boast a rich array of products that come at a competitive price. Our goal is to provide you with safe, skin-friendly jewellery that will match your style and accentuate your unique personality.

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