Wish to put on a stunning piece of jewellery without getting a terrible allergic reaction? With Blomdahl - anything is possible! We are one of the most reputable manufacturers of hypoallergenic silver earrings in the country and beyond. We collaborate with a team of medical experts who advised us on the choice of materials that would be appropriate for any skin type. For this reason, we choose to fill our selection with a range of silver titanium earrings. 

Why titanium? Because it is scratch and bend-resistant, but also because it is completely safe for even the most sensitive skin type. Unlike some other metals used to manufacture jewellery, titanium is nickel-free and will not cause contact dermatitis. 

Blomdahl specialises in the creation of hypoallergenic silver earrings. Not only are they the safest jewellery product on the market, but they are also among the most diverse and beautiful pieces you will come across. As we’ve been operating in the industry for so many years, we got to see just how versatile individuals’ tastes are and our goal is to dazzle absolutely everyone! 

In our range of silver titanium earrings, you will find many colours, combined with different diamonds and crystals. And that’s not all - Blomdahl is widely-famous for its completely safe and sterile medical ear piercing method which minimises the chances of infection. As such, it is appropriate for people and children of all ages and skin types. It includes the use of sterile disposable products that come directly out of sterile packaging.

What are you waiting for? Browse our online offer of hypoallergenic silver earrings and stumble upon a pair that best matches your personality. And if you are getting a present for someone close to you, rest assured that you will get a gift that they will adore and be able to wear with confidence.

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