Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)
Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)
Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)
Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)
Hypoallergenic titanium sleeper in 14mm diameter for women
Hypoallergenic titanium sleeper in 14mm diameter for men
Stacked hypoallergenic titanium sleeper in 14mm diameter for men
Blomdahl Titanium sleeper earrings – a lightweight small hoop where you can sleep in it. Suitable for adults or childrens hypoallergenic earrings medical sensitive skin friendly nickel free

Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)

  • Silver
  • 12mm
  • 14mm
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Polished Sleeper (12-14mm)
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Smooth natural titanium sleepers that won’t let you ! These small hooped sleepers are made from pure medical titanium designed with skin specialists. Convenient to use while sleeping.

Because here at Blomdahl, we want you to feel confident in the jewellery you wear, every day. Blomdahl earrings are sold by the pair with backs and come in a Clean Pack. In the transparent Clean Pack bubble, one pair of earrings are hygienically packed. The label is a seal which guarantees that you are the first person to wear your new earrings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Excellent product

Lovely product worked wonders for both mine and my daughters sensitive ears

Charlene Heerah
Hook in the sheet

I got these sleeper for my daughter after 1 week it hook in her bedsheets and she tried to get them off which ended her being in pain and 1 sude of the earring flew and lost

Zabel Connor
Difficult to get on

Granted I am a new earring wearer but it took 25min+ with help of boyfriend to try fit on and connect the closure but in the end I only managed to shut closure of one earring. The problem is, to get the earring on you must bend it and it's not possible to reshape it once it's in the piercing, especially my 2month old tender piercings. If there's a particular technique then it would be helpful that these came with instructions.
I don't love that the closure gets caught on hair and clothes when pulled over head.
It does look cute. I'm very greatful to find some titanium sleepers that ship to NZ, I trust that the metal is very safe.

Elizabeth M.
Happy, but they tangle in hair

My daughter has had constant infections in her ears since getting them pierced (despite regular cleanings with saline spray).

That's why we switched to these earrings, and hoping they help clear up the infection.

I was keen to get simple sleeper earrings as I felt the big flat backing on the sterling silver earrings they were pierced with simply held gunk behind her ear and right near the hole.

I myself wear sleepers, but they close completely flat (I can spin the entire thing around in my ear, there are no lumps/hooks.

Unfortunately with these sleepers, the hook is obviously heavier than the rest of the earring so they make their way down to the bottom (rather than staying behind her ear at the back).

Once they spin around, her hair gets constantly tangled in them which is frustrating for her and also concerns me regarding keeping them clean and infection free.

Overall, very happy with the quality and will be buying from Blomdahl again.

Good but Tricky to open/close

Definitely great for reactive skin but are quite hard to open and close.

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