Blomdahl, your most trusted manufacturer of skin jewellery, proudly presents you with a rich array of hypoallergenic earrings! 

Owing to our extensive knowledge and a team of experienced jewellery-makers, we know just how common allergies to metals used for the creation of jewellery are. We’ve heard it time and time again - people of all ages getting their ears pierced, only to be unpleasantly surprised by the painful outcome. Once they treat the skin reaction, they swear never to put on a piece of jewellery again. 

Here at Blomdahl, we made it our mission to create attractive hypoallergenic earrings you will simply adore and be able to wear worry-free! In our selection, you can filter earrings based on their size, colour and materials they are made from. You will see right away that we offer an enviable assortment designed to appeal to a wide range of customers. No matter how specific your personal taste may be, we are certain that you will discover a pair of hypoallergenic earrings that will match your style and character perfectly. From black, golden and silver titanium, to medical plastic - we are confident in the quality, durability and safety of the materials that we use. 

As one of the biggest providers of hypoallergenic earrings in Australia, we also offer you a chance to pierce your ears safely - all thanks to the technique we’ve developed entirely upon a “modern aseptic technique”. Blomdahl uses only products and methods that are designed to be completely sterile and prevent infection. 

Our hypoallergenic earrings are especially popular among parents who wish to pierce their child’s ears without any risk involved. Blomdahl’s medical ear piercing performed in only four steps is quick, sterile, and as painless as possible. 

Buy hypoallergenic earrings today and never worry about developing an allergic reaction again!

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