Gold Brilliance Crystal Puck Hollow 8mm
Stacked earrings ideas for gold earrings - crescent moon and brilliance puck hollow from Blomdahl Australia
Gold Brilliance Puck Hollow 8mm Earrings for sensitive skin and adults

Gold Brilliance Crystal Puck Hollow 8mm

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Gold Brilliance Puck Ring

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Our Gold Brilliance Puck Hollow earring comes in 8mm, hollow in the centre, and highlights 15 precision-cut crystals set in a medical titanium.  

Want to impress?  These delightful and beautiful earrings are the perfect match. Set in the purest natural titanium with gold coating, these earrings will make your ears feel special!  All our jewellery is made with skin specialists, to provide a safe way to look good every day.

You’re the first person to come into contact with your new jewellery from Blomdahl. Blomdahl earrings are sold by the pair with backs. They are packaged in a transparent Clean Pack bubble. Clean Pack stores the jewellery hygienically until you open it. The label acts as a seal.