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Sleeper Heart 10mm

My daughter has allergy to all types of earrings material, so I decided to give a goal to the titanium one and it was a life changing for her. She loved it and, the best thing, no more allergies. I super recommend it!

Safety Ear Hook
Michela Scully
Versatile and easy to use

These are so versatile as you can add any pendants to them to change up your earrings daily.

Great purchase

My 7 years old daughter loves this cute and lovely earrings. They fit perfect and comfortable.

Loved these donut earrings

Adorable yet elegant. Perfect for sensitive ears! Beautiful design 😍

So elegant and comfortable

I’ve never been able to wear any earrings due to a nickel allergy. I had literally tried everything and given up, However, these titanium earrings are fantastic. I get no irritation or burning and can wear your earrings all day everyday. It has been transformative for me.

So pretty

Love these earrings, so pretty and just the right size!


I have purchased 3 pairs of earrings now (gifts for ages 6-11 years old) and the earrings are beautiful. Great service and fast delivery. Thank you.

This is the second pair of earring I’ve purchased and they are absolutely fantastic for sensitive ears. I had a bad earring infection from gold earrings that were worn down over time exposing nickel, changing to these earrings helped clear the infection up straight away. Highly recommend for people with nickel allergies!

Amazing quality

I have always had allergies to earrings unless they were 18 carat gold but these earrings have been amazing! I’ve been wearing them for a month with no reaction at all. I even sleep in them! Best purchase ever!!

Happy customer

Very happy with my nose piercing, I am very allergic to Nickel and am so happy to have found a metal that I can use that doesn't cause any reactions. I have been using plastic nose piercings for years as I have not found a metal that I don't react to. I tried the titanium earrings first from this company which work very well for me, so made me keen to try the nose piercing as well.

It looks very pretty, the crystal is super sparkly and sits perfectly on my nose. I don't notice/ feel it at all and I am not worried that it will fall out during the day or while sleeping which I have experienced with other piercings.

Highly recommend!

Stylish simplicity

After hassles with the hygiene relating to my mother’s usual earrings, now that she is in aged care, I wanted good posts but still a decent sized earring, not like the puny ones normally associated with ear piercing. These 6mm are marvellous - my mother can wear them all the time, minimising the risk of them being ‘misplaced’, and because they have no decoration, they go with everything.

No reaction!

I am really happy with this purchase, it has been about three weeks of consistently wearing these (I haven’t taken them out at all) and there is no allergic reaction. I have searched for years for studs to replace sleepers as all studs given me a reaction after a few days. I will be buying more!

MP Bezel 4mm

These were a last resort as my daughters ears reacted to EVERYTHING. They have been amazing and have healed so fast in the week since they have been in.

Excellent earrings for sensitive ears

Perfect size for small ears. My 8 year old daughter loves these earrings.
Great service and fast postage.

Love these earrings

These earrings are amazing. Love the look! Never get any allergic reactions with blomdahl earrings!

Excellent product

Lovely product worked wonders for both mine and my daughters sensitive ears


My daughter has really sensitive ears and she found these pain free to put in and really cute!

Black Puck 8mm
Would recommend


Stylish and gentle

These earrings look so great and feel so good in my ears. Really are the answer the sensitive pierced ears.

Gold Brilliance Crystal Puck 8mm
Christine Markopoulos
Pretty & ear lobe friendly

These earrings are very cute, they are a bit more yellow than usual gold but still love them , the most important thing is they do not irritate my ears , which is amazing , as every other pair of earrings including gold , silver etc really infect my ears

Gold Bezel (3-6mm)
Tiffany Lee
Love these earrings

I absolutely love these earrings. I got it in 3 diff sizes. The quality of the earrings is amazing and it looks so pretty on. I'm so happy I found bloomdahl. The price is great. I'm giving it 4 stars only because the backing can be a bit loose but it can be tightened. I just wish they would offer free shipping on all purchases as sometimes I just want the one earrings.

Graduating to Variety

A year ago I purchased silver studs to see if my ears would accept the earrings and I was so happy that they did! It had been over 6 years since I'd been able to wear earrings. I finally graduated from my tentative trial to by 3 pairs or more varied earrings and have been just as happy with my pink pear earrings (which were a favourite pre-ear irritation days) and some fun black sparkly ones.

Service has also been prompt and responsive. Thank you Blomdahl!

Great earring backs

Great earring backs and very comfortable for my 8 year old.


These earrings are nice for day to day. It would be great if Blomdahl made some dangly ones for adults in medical plastic though as the range seems to be more aimed at kids.


I was very impressed with the service and how prompt the order was delivered. These were a birthday gift for my granddaughter who has just got her ears pierced.